I’m on a Diet! + Flight 001 has landed!

I'm on a diet, I'm not going to eat

I think the problem with saying “I’m NOT going to eat” so many times is that what registers in your brain is the last word and not the verb.  Anyone with me in this struggle?   Is this true or is it just true?  The other day, as I was about to get up, I was telling myself, “I’m going to have a salad today!”  Then my phone rang.  My mom called and said, “I have some crispy croissant for you!”  “Wow! Thank you.” Just like that, the picture of that crunchy yummy salad from my favorite cafe was replaced with some cronut with an evil grin waiting to destroy my diet–well, my plan at least.

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Wow, I just realized, I write too much about food & dieting! Shows you how much I think about it–and how I’m so unsuccessful with it! 😛  Funny enough, I just got a text that I have a box of doughnuts from my beloved cousin.  I also just received a wonderful jar of Macadamia wrapped with chocolate & salted caramel last night–oh, this week will be another struggle! O_O



Flight 001 Go Clean Pack Bag Collection

We have been sharing with you quirky stuff we would find all over the net.  This time, while exploring the new wing of a mall, we found this store that’s shaped like the interiors of a plane.  We looked around and saw these smartly designed pouches, bags & passport holders.

Quirky Finds: Flight 001 Spacepak Packing System

When we travel, Ponggo would always tell me how much I’m into design often overlooking the functional aspect.  He also frowns upon the fact that I’m so 2-D (which is the same comment I get from my sister about my drawings): I don’t know how to maximize my space properly! *Oops* Finally, Ponggo & I have something  to agree on.  The stuff over at Flight 001 (pronounced: “Flight One”) in the East Wing of the Shangri-La Plaza mall are not just all eye candy.   They’re super well-thought of highly functional products. They actually took into consideration the standard luggage dimensions. You’re not just fitting random things into you’re pouch–you’re also making sure that all your pouches & bags sit perfectly well inside your luggage–how smart!

Flight 001 (Pouches & Passport Cases)

When we travel, I just usually grab a drawstring pouch here and there and whatever else I can find in the house for my art materials, toiletries, makeup stuff & accessories (notice the order of priority). 😉 Apprently, if you use Flight 001 pouches, you’ll prevent your clothes & shoes from freely occupying space as they please. On their webstie, they actually teach you how to pack two weeks worth of clothing in a suitcase –you no longer have to fear lugging around a giant suitcase!  Flight 001 has branches in your favorite destinations around the world: New York, London, Frankfurt & locally, they have a branch at the East Wing of Shangri-la Mall!  Save yourself from some travel hassle and visit Flight 001 today!  Don’t forget to like them on Facebook! 🙂



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