Pool Party + Our ChurpChurp Billboard

Googly Gooeys The Pool Party "Yay! Have you heard we'll be having a pool party soon?" "That should be fun!" "I can't wait! I'm excited!" "Sigh...I need to go on a serious diet..." "Meanwhile, let's have lunch!" "But why are we eating? Shouldn't we be on a diet?" "Umm...because we need to be alive to attend the pool party." "Oh."

Last week, we dropped by a Phili Cheese Steak place after a party and some friends were talking about an upcoming pool party.  As our sandwiches were being served, I asked, “Wait, why are we eating this if we’re having a pool party? Shouldn’t we be dieting instead?” Then,Richard replied, “Well, we need to keep ourselves alive until the day of the pool party so that we can attend it!” Good point!  So many people equate dieting to dreary days of starvation.  Well, I did.  More than a decade ago, I went on an unhealthy diet.  I skipped meals and tried not to eat as long as I could hold it.  Voila! I know have a hyper-adicid & sensitive tummy for life!  I can’t skip meals anymore or else, you know where to find me the next few days–on a couch, lying in pain. Yikes!

Anyhooz, wish me luck! Hopefully, I still get to shed a few pounds the healthy way at least before this pool party.  But I do have a plan B. Maybe I’ll just sit there, put on some sunblock and take lots of pictures. Haha.  Hopefully, no one is naughty enough to push me to the pool without any warning!  (I think I just gave some people an idea. Oops!)


Tipsy ❤

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section Churp Churp Billboard





Oh look! 🙂 Tipsy and Ponggo are on the video billboard! We’re so honored and grateful to be part of the first batch of ChurpChurp Alpha Influencers.  We can’t believe the characters are sharing a spot with Divine Lee, Victor Basa, Nyko Rodriguez, David Guison & Dalekins! 🙂

Thanks again to our ChurpChurp family for this! 🙂 Learn what ChurpChurp is about by clicking here.

ChurpChurp Billboard




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