This is Why I am Fat

If there are two things that I really need to enroll myself in right now, they would probably be: 1) Yoga classes for inner peace & less fats in the inner thighs and 2) Chocoholics Anonymous–or something like it.

“Hello! My name is Tipsy!”
“Today, I successfully walked away from a convenience store while I was trying to buy a bar of KitKat Dark…again.”
“Good job Tipsy!”
“But I actually had a tiny bag of M&M’s yesterday, five-eighths of Crisp Cake last night & three-eighths today.”


Herr's Cheese Curls This is Why I'm fat

This is why I’m really fat.  I have no problem with cutting down on rice or eating healthy during the actual meal time but outside? You’ll find me chowing down prohibited food most of the time.  Last week has been another challenging week.  I walked into a hypermart (emphasis on hyper: I’m hyper & so are the pack sizes).

It all started with this Instagram photo of Yen & Chuckie with their family together with that seemingly harmless jar of Cheese Curls. Naturally, the first thing I noticed on the photo was the junk food.  I ended up buying a jar for myself–ah the power of visuals!  I consumed it in X days.  It’s already a feat that I consumed it in a week’s time instead of one sitting while wallowing in my own sorrows–partly pressured that my brain is not cooperating with my deadlines and partly anxious that I’m starting to get sick because I’m anxious and I’m anxious because I feel sick.  Err…Did I say, I’m anxious?

Yes, I know, this has practically been an entry of excuses–the type that’s not good to keep if I ever get diagnosed with diabetes or kidney stones someday.  (“Oh look”, said the doctor from the future, “incriminating evidence of your unhealthy lifestyle back in 2013 complete with visuals!”).  This is probably why I shouldn’t be expounding so much every time!

Anyway, back to my cheese curls (or what’s left of it)!


Tipsy ❤

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