Finally!  In the middle of my crazy week, Ponggo has convinced me to step out of my lair and bring back a bit of sanity into my life. Through time, I have learned that aside from not choosing to sacrifice sleep, the other way to cope with stress is to insert a break–some guilt-free time to make you feel that you’re human again & not just a robot sitting in front of your computer with a big DO NOT DISTURB sign. 😐

Anyway, it’s just short of saying we were finally able to watch Despicable Me 2!  Take the minion quiz (and try to observe how I’ve totally abused our vertical blog format)!  Also, check for signs if your skin is turning into a bright Pantone 123* shade (because you might be positive for Hepatitis) and if your tongue is starting to make up some funny mixed-up language (because it may also be a sign that you’re slowly being possessed by an evil spirit)!

*Nope, not the official Pantone number of the minions’ yellow–just the easiest to remember 😉

Minion Quiz Googly Gooeys
P.S. Speaking of minions, have you joined the minion frenzy a.k.a. our blog giveaway? 🙂 If you still haven’t, what are you waiting for!?!?!

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