How Do I Love Thee? + Where To Go This Weekend

I don’t know how I can ever escape the topic of food.  For the past couple of weeks, I wrote about why I’m fat, struggled with my diet, and asked if I really looked fat.  Even our supposed technologically inclined entry is still an ode to food!  My friend once told me (as well as a Savage Garden song) that I should stop looking at magazines so that I don’t feel bad about myself.  That has helped me for quite some time but I think I just gained lots of weight recently it’s too hard not to notice! *Now pinching my fats as I’m typing this.*  Apparently, it occupies half of my brain.  Also, I feel like I’m coming down with a flu which means I need to rest (but I can’t because I have loads to do) (said the woman who died from working too much) so I can’t go to the gym.  Anyway, today’s comic a product of my three hobbies: eating, drowning myself in guilt & unintentionally destroying poems and lyrics. 😀  Here’s How Do I Love Thee obviously NOT by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

How Do I Love Thee

Alright.  This is it.  I should probably quit talking about food & the torture that comes with it since this is not a food blog and I’m starting to sound neurotic & deranged (as if the overuse of colors on this blog doesn’t look disturbing at times) 😛  So, any new topic suggestions? 🙂


Tipsy ❤

Meanwhile Weekend Events

There’s just so so so so much events that are happening this weekeend! (Dear Self, What did they tell you about superlatives? Please use them in moderation even if you’re very excited.)

Heima Real Living Announcement

Get inspired this weekend with the following events:

1) Heima x Real Living Space at the Trion Towers in Bonifacio Global City — Heima together with Real Living, together with other interior designers will be showcasing their work. There will aslo be a chance to shop with exclusive discounts & attend DIY workshops 😉 Check out for more details 😉  The event is on September 14-15, 10am to 6pm.  (P.S. We will be there on Sunday for something fun *wink, wink*)

2) Save the Philippine Seas Seatizen’s Festival, Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife – As we’ve mentioned before, the Googly Gooey postcards will be sold at the Art Shack.   A fraction of the proceeds will be used to fund projects for our beloved friends under the sea.  This will be on September 15, Sunday.  What else will be sold at the Art Shack?  Products by our friends & favorite artists: The Speculiars, Hey Kessy, Fozzy Book, Wiji Lacsamana, Team Manila & more!

details. SEA you there! 🙂

3) Manila International Book Fair – This is actually ongoing from September 11th to the 15th at the SMX (beside Mall of Asia) in Pasay City. Get a load of books and have them signed by your favorite artists & INK illustrators !

4) Mercato Centrale Artesiana Arts & Crafts Fair – Yes, the same group that brought you Mercato–the reason why you’re on a food trip with friends in the middle of the night–is having an arts & crafts fair on September 14 from 4pm to 12 midnight!

Ahhh…such a busy weekend.  So, if your weekend is boring, it’s your fault–not mine! Haha 😀  Get those creative juices flowing (or get them refilled–whichever applies to you)!  Get out this weekend! 🙂



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