Post-Workout Resolutions

My friend once called me & asked why do I keep posting things & making it look like I’m the happiest person on the internet?  I told him, “You don’t understand.  Can’t you see the issues beneath the colorfulness?”  I didn’t have a better answer then but now I do.  You see, I just really love color.  The Googly Gooeys were supposed to be black & white but I ended up using all the colors of the rainbow anyway.  Recently, I was working on some branding stuff for our portfolio. I initially wanted it to be black but the same thing happened.

I guess, it’s just safe to say that instead of representing happiness, the colors acutally represent my range of emotions. I always go through a rollercoaster of moods when I’m working on a project especially when I’m stuck with a design problem or I feel that what I’m doing is against my principles (i.e. being abused with n revisions).  I thought I was the only one going through this.  Thanks to a book I recently read Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, he pointed out that every project has point where you feel it’s like the dark night (of the soul).  Okay, I don’t think Sir Austin Kleon can actually vouch for my craziness but I guess it’s an enlightening & comforting (at least for me). 😛

To cure my version of depression, I would make it a point that if I’m not in the mood to work, I’ll just attend an exercise class instead of wallowing in my sorrows & asking myself why, why, why I’m not yet in the mood to finish all the pending work and that maybe R-E-S-T is just an invented concept and that we don’t really need to rest–we were built to work blah blah blah—and other obsessive thoughts.  *Can you already imagine what Ponggo goes through every time I’m in this phase….every week or a couple of times a week?* 😛 

99% of the time, I feel better after exercising 🙂 I’m usually a happier, calmer & more grateful person.  I always feel as if my fats & toxins have left me and that I’m literally a stronger person! *Woohoo*  I also end up having these ideal post-workout resolutions afterwards like changing what & how I eat and how I live my life but…Googly Gooeys Benefits of Doing What You Love to Do

Yup, after a more than an hour’s worth of exercise plus buckets of sweat (Ponggo doesn’t even want to go anywhere near my gym clothes), I ended up having a yummy Banana-Nutella crepe last night. *Woops!* It’s like a total reset.  I don’t know why I do this to my bodddyyy! It’s like I’m creating a file and deleting it over and over again. Gahhh…Oh well. Today’s another day & another chance to exercise…hopefully!

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