Calorie Counting

Googly Gooeys Calorie Counting "One tall signature iced chocolate please!" "Hmm..I thought you were on a diet" "Oh. Please make my mlik non-fat" "So, you're partly on a diet" "Yes. Still with whipped cream on top" "I'm confused" "The non-fat milk is there to help me enjoy my whipped cream" "Pffft..People love complicating their lives"My tummy’s sensitive to coffee and I find blended drinks too cold so I always end up ordering a cup of iced chocolate. For some reason, I never really thought of opting for non-fat milk until the barista offered it. I gladly said yes but I always can’t seem to let go of the whipped cream  always end up laughing to myself when I realize that I’m not really making any sense by avoiding all the fat from milk but not from the white fluffy calorie-heavy whipped cream on top. This is what I’m probably guilty of: the wrong way of calorie counting. (Then again, some people think that calorie counting is totally wrong.) I would trade proper meals just so that I can have what I’m really craving for. As I’m typing this, I’m on the verge of losing my appetite for the next meal because I’m having some junk food for snacks. Tsk. Tsk.

I had this fondness for snacks & sweets since I was a kid. Snack times were my favorite but I dreaded having breakfast, lunch or dinner. I was a slow eater (Although you won’t see that now since things have changed. Haha.)  I used to think that chewing was a task. A boring task at that.  As a kid, I actually ended up falling asleep on the dinner still with food inside my mouth. I was that bored. It used to take me an hour to finish my food with the 45 minutes spent on my family finding creative ways, blackmails & bargains just for me to eat. I’m obviously not a good example. So kids, don’t try this at home. Hehe.

Now going back to the land of chocolate powder & whipped cream,

Tipsy ❤

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Fact of the Day #102: Chocolate is good for you.

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