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I’ve been trying to curtail my consumption of chocolates for days now. It wasn’t that easy. I would find myself still desperately searching for chocolates.  I just realized how much my body depended on it for an energy boost & umm…happiness! 🙂 Trying to be healthier (and I don’t know how long this will last), I was searching for a banana as a snack instead at a local convenience store.  Then, I saw a girl pass me by.  She was holding a pack of chips & her friend was telling her “I thought you were on a diet.  I thought you told me to stop you when you’re craving for chips!”.  I laughed because I saw myself in her.

Over the Christmas break, someone sent me a box of on of my favorite chocolates.  I already told Ponggo to give it away because I know that being the monster that I am, I an finish it in one sitting!  I told him to help me go on a diet.  Ponggo told me that I don’t really need to give up on it totally. I just only need to consume a piece a day.  Well, whaddya know?  I ended up finishing it in 2 & 1/2 days. *Eep* Now, I blame Ponggo for not helping me out.  No thanks to him, I have an additional thousands of calories in my thighs.

Of course, I know, I can’t blame him.  I own my brain & body & I’m the only one responsible for it.  *Wails*


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10 years ago

But…but….nobody can say no to chocolates. *Q* And dark chocolates are good for you. Just don’t take too much. XD

Cymbelly Marzan
10 years ago

What’s your favorite chocolate? 🙂 I always crave for it… sigh!

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