Zero Calories

Zero Calories by the Googly Gooeys "I found something that will help you with your diet" "Oooh. What's that?" "And it helps you feel full and it clears up your skin" "Hmmm..." "Best of all, it's zero calories!" "Whoaaa! So, what is it!" "Water" "Pfft...Thanks for the Hype"

You may or may not have probably noticed that a recent post was about counting calories. My friends and I each have created an account on My Fitness Pal. The thing is, we’re always together on food trips: from pizza nights, Japanes food, Chinese food, street food, or just plain ol’ fast food happiness, we’re there. So we finally thought, it’s now time to moderate our happiness which is making us more huggable by the day.  I also have to double up on my efforts because I got  injured early this year and I can only exercise as much. I really have to watch what I eat.

*Well, that’s the plan. Ho ho ho.*


Tipsy ❤

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