It’s probably not the most glamorous or lunch-friendly thing to admit but now & then, Ponggo & I get tummy aches.  For one, he has a very sensitive tummy that can only handle uber uber clean water and not too much oil.  He also looooves chili.  Too bad, his body is not a fan.

Tummy Ache Reasons Chili, Dairy, Gas, Laugh, Stress

On the other hand, here I am with a diet-abused tummy suffering from hyper-acidity.  Wanting to lose lots of weight for my birthday when I was younger (Gahh..I feel so old when I say that!), I ended up skipping meals…sleeping instead of eating & trying to eat as little as I can.  The result, woohoo, 15 pounds was gone, so was a sane tummy.  I had bouts of hyper-acidity years after.  Now, my stomach is especially sensitive to coffee (when consumed with an empty stomach) and it’s the first one to react when I’m stressed.  Even when I’m panicking, my body does it for me.

Anyway, however your day is going, hope you’re not suffering from most of the tummy ache causes we’ve mentioned & if you are, we hope it’s just from laughing too much! 😉


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