Creative Excuses for Gaining Weight & More Happy Things! :)

Christmas means more gatherings and reunions with friends which means you’re more likely going to have your picture taken this time of the year save for your wedding and birthday probably.  😉  Last week, I was reviewing our Christmas photo & I was wondering who this stranger was with her back at the camera.  She is gaining weight & she definitely needs some exercise!  Sadly, it was me.

I’m just so happy that after our recent trip, I only gained 200 grams (i.e. 0.44 pounds) according to the weighing scale. But the more important question is, how much did I gain since last year? 😛 Hehe. Anyway, while we’re all busy shedding those pounds away, here are some excuses we can use 😉

Googly Gooeys Alternate Excuses for Gaining Weight 1) "What's up with gravity?? Since when did it get stronger?" 2) "I think we need ot have our weighing scale repaired." "I think so too!" 3) "I should stop buying clothes that shrink too fast!" 4) "This is all water and I shall lose it when I decide to exercise & sweat someday" 5) "I've been typing the whole day! Doesn't that count as exercise?"

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Meanwhile Post: More Happy Things





By the way, slowly but surely, we’ve been trying to build a website for all our graphics, illustration & photography projects. You can visit The Sago Project’s raw site here and Facebook page here.   We’ve babied the Googly Gooeys for far too long and it’s now time to give a new online life to what we’ve been working on behind the scenes throughout the years 🙂 For now, our pictures shall bear The Sago Project watermarks until my manager Ponggo tells me otherwise 🙂 Haha.

Here are more happy things slash pictures slash sources of inspiration from the trip.  If you’ve missed part 1, click here 🙂

Chalkboards in Hong Kong

Chalkboards are a thing of love! ❤ I don’t know how many photos of chalkboard menus I actually have.  Now, if anyone can point me to the nearest liquid chalk supplier, I will forever be grateful.

Pastel Pencils

Well, yes, you guessed it, I didn’t shop for lots of clothes because I was in an art material frenzy.  As a kid, my dream was that when I finally grow up and have a job, I will be able to buy myself all the paper products & art materials I wanted.   During the first two days of our trip, I went art shop hopping and fulfilled that dream.  I wasn’t able to sleep that night out of happiness.  Thanks to Ponggo too for helping me locate all the shops in his trusty (now crumpled) tourist map. Haha.  I stepped inside this huge art store and for a second there, I forgot what I really wanted to buy because I was just so overwhelmed with the choices in front of me!

Colorful Birds

I stopped briefly after beating the last few seconds of the pedestrian green light & saw this!  This just makes me rekindle my love for the fuchsia-lilac color scheme and my soft spot for characters with closed eyes.  Now, if I can only finally find the time to convince myself that it’s okay for Tipsy & Ponggo to close their eyes and not resort to putting sleeping masks on them when they’re asleep in some of the stories 😉

Weathered Dining Seats in Hong Kong

We had some yummy Char Siu Cheong Fun thanks to Ponggo’s cousin Rosy.  We walked around the area and we happened to pass by this resto which had weathered seats.  When Ponggo & I finally have a bigger home, I would love to have mismatched weathered Instagrammable seats too! ❤

Balls of Yarn

Yearning for Yarns:

These balls of yarn were a part of a window display.  Gahh.. I can’t remember the name of the store.  I instantly went into daydreaming mode.  This just makes me want to buy balls of yarn & turn them into colorful balls like these.  I actually think they’d make good table pieces, accents or centerpieces ❤
Cat Illustration : Ginger Cafe Latte

As in the previous post, I’m still bemused with black & white artworks.  I would always tell myself that one day, I’ll give time to creating artworks in black & white but I just always end up coloring things in.  I just love colors too much I guess.

Hong Kong Unar Coffee Shop

Lastly, if I had the time, I would probably go back to this place and check out the artsy cafe’s in this district!  Well, hope you enjoyed this edition of happy things.  ❤  You may check out the rest of our travel photos on The Sago Project 🙂 Ponggo is now updating the album as I type! 🙂


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