Make Yourself Look Thinner in Photos + The Heima MT Spaces Exhibit

Make yourself look thinner in photos!  This is what I’ve been guilty of lately.  No folks, you won’t find a step-by-step tutorial here on how to liquify your curves on Photoshop & other digital techniques.  I’m actually sticking to the basics.  I even forgot to include the following:

1) Crop unwanted fats away (always the best & easiest)
2) Ask someone to take a photo of you from a child’s eye view
3) If you’re not wearing heels, just tiptoe for longer looking legs
4) If you’re ever scared about showing your legs, do this. 😛
How People Make Themselves Look Thinner

While coming up with this post, I was actually feeling a bit guilty.  Am I encouraging you, the blog visitor, to starve thyself?  Am I actually asking everyone to live an unhealthy lifestyle?  But, I realized, I have done more than my fair share of convincing everyone that chocolate is good one’s body, life is nothing without cronuts and that all we need is love are are chocolates.

Meanwhile Section: MT Spaces at Heima

Meanwhile, I did a lot of Tip #1 last week during the MT Spaces exhibit!  Look who just hid behind Ponggo & cropped herself too!

05 Tippy & Pong with house

I first stumbled upon these giant washi tapes called MT Casa during a trip to a trip to Hong Kong early this year.  I always wondered how fun it was like to play with giant rolls of washi so I was thrilled when Ponggo & I received an invitation from Heima to be the fourth group to participate in their washi exhibit!
03 Collage3 Craft Table (450)

Above: The craft table for visitors.  I don’t know how many visitors actually ended up getting stuck here for some washi fun!

09 MT Casa MT Spaces

Upper Left: The MT Casa Poster (We’re really super thrilled to see our name on the poster).  It’s our first time to ever be participating in an exhibit as a couple 🙂 Upper Right: That’s Cai of Heima posing for us.  When we were still discussing the dimensions of the house, they would always call in Cai because she’s as literally as tall as the house! Lower Left: Another home washified by Real Living Magazine.  Lower Right: Collages by Carina Santos. This makes me want to buy washi tapes just so that I can do that on one of my walls!EWWS at Heima MT Casa Brixton

Above: The creative duo Garovs & Ryan of Everywhere We Shoot! They also made washi collages on clocks and washified their house with electric colors!  I always tremble when I take photos of good photographers and I get extra paranoid about getting all the parameters right.  *Ahhhh*

MT Casa Exhibit x Heima Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Left: Sharraine, one of the very helpful Heima interns when we were preparing for the Exhibit! 🙂 Right: Cupcakes by the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.  If you visit their actual store, it may remind you a lot of Heima because that’s where they got all their furniture 🙂 It’s so funny that everyone was afraid to be the first one to get the cupcake but as soon as someone did, the rest just disappeared!

Badass Kiddie Tattoos

Nothing more badass than these tattoos!  I don’t know what entered Ponggo’s mind that night but he placed one on each cheek!  I so wanted to disown him!

MT Casa x Heima Brixton Full House


08 Gentle Universe, Staff & INterns

Above: MJ, Karizza (who’s holding up a Googly plushie), Cai & Paula of Heima! 🙂 

Aside from Nights of Rizal & Suppermikki, music was provided by Gentle Universe (Click on the link to listen to their amusing, nostalgic & upbeat tracks on sound cloud), “All – Day Breakfast In Flower Bed” is also one of my favorite tracks while putting up stuff for the exhibit.

MT Casa Craft Table

Thursday Room at Heima Brixton

Above: Thursday Room!  They’re the group responsible for the colorful mural  before you enter Heima Brixton.  It’s so pretty, you wish you could take home the whole wall! Haha.

06 Friends & Relatives

Thank you to all our friends & relatives who came! 🙂 We know how busy you all are!

Upper Left: My sister, Trissia whom I consider as my art director together with my dinner buddy & cousin Carol & her friend.  Upper Right: Ponggo with Richard Co of Tales From The Tummy whom we’ve collaborate on in this post.  Lower Left: Katrina & Aleyn whom with collaborated with on this post & this postcard giveaway 🙂 Lower Right: with Trixie of Nuffnang Philippines, Richard, ice hockey friends Pierre, Gicel & my sister.

Ryan & Garovs of EWWS, Bong & Rossy of Heima, Tipsy & Ponggo of the Googly Gooeys

Above: Ryan & Garovs of Everywhere We Shoot, Rossy & Bong of Heima yours truly hiding behind Ponggo (with kiddie tattoos on his face). 

 Thanks again Bong & Rossy of Heima for trusting us with your washi tapes! 🙂 Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partake in this exhibit.  🙂  To those who missed it! Don’t worry.  The exhibit will be up until next Friday, the 11th of October.  Oh, we’re selling all the stuff inside the house too!


The Googly Gooeys ❤

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