My friend shared how good it felt to follow one’s heart & this was my response.  Anyway, I was just scrolling through all the files & searching for the latest post & I just realized we have a lot of entries that start with who, what, when, where, how & why!  Read on & review this comic very closely so that you can answer the guide questions below! 🙂

Googly Gooeys Where is Your Heart Comics

Guide Questions:
1. What creature is sitting on top of Ponggo’s head?
2. What do the paper hat, yellow notebook & purple pen have to do with the story?
3. Do you think Tipsy’s holding a pencil or a ballpen?
4. So, where is your heart exactly?
5. Did you actually sing “Where is Your Heart” (by Kelly Clarkson) while reading the title?

Now you have 5 minutes to answer these questions. Come back again, exchange papers with your seatmate & let’s all compare our answers:

1. I intended for it to be a penguin but it actually kind of looks like an owl so nevermind. Points for those who thought it was at least a          bird.
2. As with any other Googly prop, it has nothing to do with the story. It’s a side story or just some useless thing to distract you from            actually understanding the main story line.
3. What?? You have no idea? I don’t have any idea either.
4. Scientifically, my heart is somewhere on the left part of my chest but you’ll either find it at the end of my esophagus or somewhere           inside my cranium when it decides to override my brain.
5. I was probably the only one who did. *Yikes!*

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Googly Gooeys Colorful Watercolor Works on Instagram

This Week on Instagram
Here’s a quick roundup of this week’s posts:
Upper Left: The mess I effortlessly create everytime! These are textures & elements for a project I’m hoping to finish this week!
Upper Right: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! It’s the first time for me to ever see my design printed on a can–a mooncake tin can at that.  The challenging thing with packaging design compared to flat lay-outs is that dimensions, allowances, the final form and the design on the side that needs to look continuous.  Nevertheless,  as soon as I saw the can, I felt like all those hours & weeks spent editing each leaf, stem & flower were worth it!  For a while there, I felt like a mom staring at her baby.  Hahaha.
Lower Left: Pick-up sticks–or something like it.
Lower Right: Gradient stripes the manual way!


This Week on instagram: Colorful Watercolor, Hongley Mooncake

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