We had quite the sweet and egg-citing Easter weekend filled with all things candy and color at S Maison Conrad Manila as we held an Easter crafts and treats workshop earlier this month!

I’ve always wanted to explore colors with food to the point that I even bought chocolates of different hues this year and see what I can make of them. Little did I know that I’d get to do it in workshop format just a few weeks later. Here’s a little vlog as to what went on that day:

The cupcake decorating buffet was a total hit and it was absolutely fun to see the kids pick their sprinkles of choice. (Our adult selves would have been overwhelmed because we gave them quite an assortment and each of them were just too pretty and delicious to pass up. I mean, our bag was filled with around 7 kilos of sprinkles! ?)

Of course, the eating part was fun too as the kids instantly nibbled on their treats right after they decorated them. (Yep, these are the same cupcakes by Joy San Gabriel from our wedding, baby shower and Riley’s birthday!)

This was followed by the cookie painting which was pretty fun and surprising in itself!  It’s just so interesting to find out the backstories behind the different designs and how each kid was able to come up with their own piece given a limited set of food coloring and a Faber-Castell soft brush. We have a dino egg, a flag of a new nation, a rendition of Van Gogh’s piece and more!

The kids were also treated with a face painting session with Marcela, a fellow INK member. ? Riley had one done on his hand of his Ninang Char’s 15 year old cat Candy! (The name perfectly fits the day’s workshop, don’t you think?)

As for the crafts, we made these bunny loot bags and bookmarks which they can decorate with stickers and draw on using some Faber-Castell colored pencils. ??? It’s so amazing to see how vast children’s imaginations are. Some of them even used the sprinkles on the crafts!

The best cupcake, cookie, loot bag and bookmark designs also got to bring home special prizes and gifts from S Maison Conrad and its partner establishments. All the kids also came home with a special goody bag filled with chocolates which the team passionately packed to match the theme. (We were seriously wishing we could be kids again by this point. Haha!)

We’re also just glad to see kids go beyond our expectations as they got creative with the stickers, papers & sprinkles. It’s always nice to see how imaginative and confident children can be. I’m also so happy to see a hundred families gathered to support their little one’s artistic endeavor. Glad to see moms and dads helping out with the crafts too!

Of course, we couldn’t have done all this without our passionate Easter team: Anne Macachor, Char Go, Lorenz Lao, Loraine Lao, Randolph Novino, Khrizzle Legaspi and Marcela Rae Suller. Til the next one and thank you so much to everyone who attended the jam-packed Easter crafts and treats workshop at S Maison Conrad!

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