Our Awesome Planet Guest Post: 5 Signs That You’re a Foodie

We were so thrilled when Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, an award-winning food blogger,  invited us to do a guest blog post on his website.  Anton is the organizer of Mercato Centrale, an outdoor market located in Bonifacio Global City, inspired by the outdoor markets of London & Florence.   Anton initially started blogging back in 2005 with the hopes of documenting his life and coming up with a digital heirloom that he could pass on to his sons. (Just writing this makes me feel like I should’ve screened my thoughts because someday, if & when, our fictional son/daughter from the future will be able to read everything here.  And no, I’m not pregnant.) 😛  Anyway, today, Our Awesome Planet is the go-to blog of every foodie out there!  It’s only apt that we came up with a list of the 5 Signs That You’re a Foodie for his blog:

Googly Gooeys Signs That You're a Foodie (OurAwesomePlanet) Screenshot

Sign#1: You’re a foodie if you’re always thinking about your next meal.  In fact, you might actually own a meal calendar!

You're a Foodie if You Know How to Dissect Your Food

Sign #2: You know the cross-section of your dishes.  You can discuss all its minute details the same Stephen Hawking can talk about the universe.  In fact, given ample time, you can come up with charts cross-comparing restaurants A B C D E F & G & their entree, desserts & beverages!

You're a foodie if you always document your food

Sign #3 While everyone else is busy documenting their facial features just in case they turn into aliens or zombies the next day (see: Taking a Selfie), you’re so busy thinking about how to make food appear more palatable in front of your audience’s eyes.

You're a Foodie if You Know Where to Find Good Restaurants Even if You're in THe middle of Nowhere

Sign #4: You’re a walking & talking food directory.  In fact you know the best restaurants anywhere in the world.  It’s like you’re Google or Apple Maps (depending on whether you’re a Fandroid or an Isheep) with bonus features:  you can give anyone a walk-through of a restaurant’s menu & best-selling dishes!

You're a foodie if you always read Our Awesome Planet

Sign #5: You always read Our Awesome Planet for all the latest about your favorite restaurants, dishes and foodie events! 🙂

Thank you again Anton for generously lending a spot on your awesome blog!  Check out Our Awesome Planet for a happier tummy & a happier life! 🙂

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Website: Our Awesome Planet
Facebook: @AwesomePilipinas
Instagram: @OurAwesomePlanet
Twitter: @AntonDiaz

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