Did you know that you can also paint on cookies? We’ve held a few cookie painting and decorating workshops a few months back and we thought we’d share a few tips and inspiration here on the blog too! 

Tools and Materials
  • cookies (made with special fondant specifically for painting)
  • water
  • liquid food coloring
  • tissue paper for blotting
  • paint palette
  • paint brush

Did you know that watercolor brushes work really well for cookie painting too? Just make sure they’re brand new and you’ll use them strictly for cookie painting/food. For these projects, we used the Faber-Castell Tri Grip Round Brushes and Soft Touch Brushes.

Step 1: Pour your liquid food color on your palette. Create more shades by combining hues. To create lighter hues, add a bit of water. Remember how primary colors create your secondary and tertiary colors? Blotting/testing on a piece of tissue paper also helps to check on your shades. Always keep in mind that a drop of food color goes a long way!

Step 2: Put your cookie on a flat surface and start planning your design.

Step 3: Use flat and wide brushes for coloring in and the thinner ones for text and details. Since food coloring is often saturated, make sure to only pick a little from the palette. 

Step 4: Play and experiment! Don’t be scared to try something out. No matter what happens, your cookie stays yummy and edible. *wink* Food coloring has no added taste or smell. If you want to erase something, make sure to act quickly and wipe with a tissue paper. It’ll leave a bit of a stain but you can fix this by adding a darker or similar hue on top.

Step 5: Let your work dry and voila! You’ve got a tasty masterpiece.

Do check out this video for our paint brush tips and more cookie painting designs! We featured some really amazing outputs from our workshop attendees: abstract, lettering work and even a painting of the horizon all on cookies! 

Where to Get Paint Brushes

Looking for the brushes we used to paint our cookies? Our shop delivers nationwide! Click below to browse.

If you decide to create these abstract painted cookies too, feel free to show us! We’d love to see what you make. You can find and tag us on our various social channels: FacebookYoutubeTwitter and Instagram. Looking for more colorful activities? Check out our other crafting projects here.

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