Thoughtful Presents and Valentine’s Day

Toblerone Googly Pack Abstract Background

They say that presents are a two-way street. They’re an experience for both giver and receiver. As much as receiving them sounds fun, giving them is just as much if not more. But more than the item itself, it’s the thought that counts. Or the effort. I know this sounds so cliché and redundant by now but don’t you just love it when someone puts a lot of thought and creativity into the gift?

Personally, I love chocolates as presents because… well, they’re my favorite. Haha! Everyone probably knows by now that I have a lifelong relationship with these sweets. (I got sick a few weeks ago and everyone was asking me if I needed chocolates to help me get well.) So when Toblerone asked me to design a limited-edition sleeve for Valentine’s day, I got excited!

For this particular design, I was hoping to create something that’s not just meant for couples or people in relationships. You see, Valentine’s is a celebration of love and love has many forms, not just romantic. With that in mind, I was imagining that aside from people giving this to their significant other, this is something that they can probably give to their friends, parents, siblings, family, officemates, classmates and favorite people too! (Or your crush because why not? Oh and don’t forget to get one for yourself as well!) The overlapping shapes speak about how all our relationships with everyone are interwoven while the two-toned hearts speak about how it takes two to make relationships work.

Toblerone Googly Pack2

During the press launch, art materials were sprawled across tables for the attendees to use. I felt excited seeing how everyone was so keen on designing their sleeves. You see, one side of the sleeve allows you to add a sweet message. You can also doodle and draw if you want to! But if you’re up to the challenge and you want to be #BeMoreImaginative with a fully customized sleeve then you can either (a) buy the Toblerone blank pack and create one by hand, or (b) design and print one at Here are some photos and a mini vlog from that day’s launch.

Toblerone Googly Pack Press Launch1
Toblerone Googly Pack Press Launch3 1

I’m also honored and happy to have my design alongside the work of other local artists (Soleil Ignacio, Juan Rodriguez, Anina Rubio, June Digan and Alessandra Lanot). 🙂


Toblerone Googly Pack Press Launch4

I got to design two additional blank ones too during a live art demo earlier this month using acrylic and a brush pen! The material of the blank packs is actually great for paint and ink.

Toblerone Googly Pack Live Demo4
Toblerone Googly Pack Live Demo1
Toblerone Googly Pack Live Demo3
Toblerone Googly Pack Live Demo2

How about you? Who are you giving a Toblerone pack to this Valentine’s Day?

To learn more about the Toblerone limited edition sleeves, visit their Facebook and Instagram handles for updates.

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