The Dessert Museum

When I was 8, I would always wish it would rain chocolates. I didn’t realize it would (sort of) come true now that I’m an adult and let me tell you, I think I’m even more excited about it now than I was then!

One day, we received a “pink ticket” in our mail. (Yes pink! You know like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket but a little more apt for this pink-obsessed generation.) It was an invitation to see the newly opened Dessert Museum! (OMG the name already sounds tasty!)

The Dessert Museum Manila 1

One look into the space and you’d realize that this is not your ordinary museum. This is where desserts are larger than life! You can slide your way into it… (quite literally) as the entrance starts with one and it’ll bring you right into the heart of a donut paradise. A few steps in and then it’s raining marshmallows and before you know it, gummy bears, cakepops, cotton candy and what have you! It’s any sweet tooth’s dream come true.

The Dessert Museum Manila 2
The Dessert Museum Manila 3
The Dessert Museum Manila 4
The Dessert Museum Manila 5

And do you know what the best part is? You don’t only get to take photos with these life-sized desserts but you also get to eat some treats! Each of the 8 themed rooms comes with desserts curated to fit them. Sweet! 

The Dessert Museum Manila 6
The Dessert Museum Manila 7

I could go on and on but I’d rather let these photos speak for themselves. Also, we’ve shot a mini tour of the Dessert Museum here!

Visit the Dessert Museum located at S Maison Mall-Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. You can book your tickets at their official site or visit their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more details.

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