It’s no secret that we love color and food so it’s been a long dream of ours to put the two together. We didn’t realize that our little wish would come true soon when we met Elle Jay Orbase (aka Pancake Warrior on Youtube) and the Maya Hotcake Team! They shared with us a few tricks in making hotcake art. (Spoiler Alert: We got hungry and excited at the same time. ?)

For our first hotcake project??, we wanted to make something easy which we can also hopefully do with Riley since he loves to “cooking-cooking”. (Would you love to see him play chef?) So without further ado, here’s how we made our ombre hotcakes!


1 pack Maya Original Hotcake Mix 250 grams

1 medium-size egg

2 tablespoons oil

3/4 cup water

Step 1 – Beat egg slightly in a bowl. Add in oil and water.
Step 2– Add the hotcake mix and stir until just slightly lumpy.

Step 3 – This is the fun part. It’s time to add food coloring! Since hotcake batter is a different medium compared to acrylic and watercolor, we had to experiment in order to find which works best when it came to color mixing. We figured that it’s easier to mix the batter so we separated it in two bowls and added a few drops of  red and yellow food coloring in bowl A and left bowl B as is. To make lighter hues, we simply poured A & B in a different container so to make 5 shades for your ombre hotcake…

A = Batter + Food Coloring

B = Batter Only

C = B + A

D = B + C

E = B + D

(Do we still make any sense? ???)

Step 4 – Pour your prepared batter into separate squeeze bottles. (You can also just scoup it out and pour with a measuring cup or soup ladle but we opted for a squeeze bottle since we were trying to find ways to make the process easier for kids. Also, this comes in really handy when making hotcake art!)

Step 5 – Pre-heat and slightly grease a pan or flat skillet. Squeeze (or pour) the batter unto the pan and cook until bubbles appear. Turn to cook the other side.

Step 6 – Put your ombre hotcakes in a stack. Serve with honey, syrup, jam and if you’re feeling a little extra some whipped cream and candy sprinkes!

We didn’t realize we’d end up hungry after writing this post. ? Also, we shot this around the week the Googly Gooeys turned 9 years old. *OMG! Where did the time go?*

What colors would make your ombre hotcake? Any other hotcake art and creations you’d like to try? Check out The Maya Kitchen ( | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter) and Maya Hotcakes & More (FacebookInstagram | Twitter) for fun recipes!

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