This post is dedicated to my favorite bar of chocolates:

Googly Gooeys That Moment When

During the past two weeks, I noticed that my go-to gas station doesn’t have any stock of my favorite bar of dark chocolate! I know the temporary absence of chocolate won’t kill me and that I’m just over reacting by dedicating a few hours of my life to this issue.  😛 However, every single time, events like this tend to frustrate a fraction of my brain cell population–the part that is responsible for daydreaming & imagining how good food tastes like!  It’s like that moment when expectation meets reality moment where the upbeat soundtrack of your life suddenly dies down without warning.

Yesterday, I just learned that on of my favorite restaurants no longer carries their soft-shell crab meal–Nooo!  I’ve been wanting to have them softee crustaceans for a few days now and I actually forced myself to get out of my lair (and forget for a few hours that I have deadlines haunting me) just to get my hands and teeth on these batter-coated & succulent fried goodness.  *Oh, the drama. Oh, the run-on sentences.  Pffft!*  Every time my favorite food is not available in the menu, I feel like no other food can make me happy–I may feel dizzy from all the munching but I can’t be satiated–it’s like I wasted some precious calorie space (for fats) on something that wasn’t so welcome in the first place.

Do you know how this feels??


Your Shallow & Hungry & Very Huggable Tipsy

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Googly Gooeys on Design Taxi

It’s been a very good week for the blog!  We’re so stoked to have been featured on Design Taxi among others! 🙂 We’ve been following that design blog for over a year now with absolutely no idea that one day, we will get featured.  Thank you to  Thia Shi Min & Design Taxi for the lovey write-up! 🙂 See the full feature here & the original recipe cronut recipe here. ❤❤❤

Cronuts Recipe Design Taxi Feature of the Googly Gooeys

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