My Grown-up Christmas List

Googly Gooeys Wish List

Dear Santa, This Christmas, I’m not even wishing for a toy, a Lego house or a set of art materials. Apparently, the things I’m wishing for these days are stuff that cannot be bought or sold! Here’s my grown-up Christmas list:

1) I wish it would rain chocolates! -I’d also like to be specific about my wish. I don’t want some muddy rain. I also don’t want to be hit with bricks of chocolates. I want it to be the fun slo-mo (60 fps played at 30 fps) type where we all have the chance to catch each yummy bar falling from the sky.

2) I wish my room would automatically clean up the mess by itself — I know it’s a form of exercise.  But, but, living with a mess-maker and being one myself, can you just please give my room superpowers?

3) I wish I could clone myself to get more work done. –Yes, I’d like to order extra hours in a day. If not, I’d like to order a clone of myself. I don’t think I’ll be able to deal with the double dose of neurosis but I just desperately need more work done!

4) I wish whipped cream had the power to cancel out all the calories in our food.

5) I wish he would love me more than he loves Clash of Clans & Samurai Seige. – We have a third party in our relationship and it’s a non-living thing.

6) I wish people would realize that their selfies are damaging my brain cells. – Please give me enough courage to unfollow them as they’re destroying my art inspiration feed! I wish you & your elves can figure out a way to make these seemingly out of this world wishes come true!

XOXO, Tipsy ❤

P.S. Is it beginning to feel a lot like Christmas? 🙂

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10 years ago

ho ho ho!!!

10 years ago

Yung #5 talagang wish na lang yan. Hehehe… I love CoC!!!

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