Next Best Thing to a Fluffy Cloud

I just noticed recently that I’ve been spending so much time thinking and trying to make the Googly comics more realistic. Especially when I’m working on stuff that have large fandoms, I get paranoid. I start thinking, “Oh my gosh! What if the bat symbol on Batman‘s belt lacks an extra flap?” “The real potato leaves have extra curves in them. What if someone notices & contests the idea of having perfectly curved leaves?” Then, I realized, I’m so particular about portraying reality when to start with, there are really no walking & talking blue & pink goo in real life nor chartreuse & aqua lands with pinstripes on them! So, here, I’m taking the liberty of exploring the fictional & fluffy 🙂

Remember the first time you rode a plane and looked outside your window?  It was the first time you saw a sea of clouds while you’re strapped on your seat on a trip to nowhere. Didn’t you just wish you could eat the clouds or at least jump on them expecting ’em to be have marshmallow-soft?  But now, thanks or no thanks to Physics or Chemistry, you now know it’s just a white mass of water vapor and that should you attempt to jump on it, you’ll fall right through it at 9.8 meters per second squared approaching the nearest soil, concrete or body of water if you’re lucky 😉 So, we asked you to reimagine what the next best thing to a fluffy cloud would be

Twitter Survey by the Googly Gooeys

& here are some of your answers:

Next Best Thing to a Fluffy Cloud

A couple of weeks ago, someone posted the link to the short film La Luna on my Facebook feed.  I was watching it & as I saw the boy touch the star, I heard myself saying, “No! Don’t touch it! You’re going to burn into ashes!?!?!” Well, it is of course fiction and of course the boy didn’t die.  Gahh..What was I thinking?  I’m so preoccupied with reality, it might have already killed half of my imagination!  Then, I started thinking, maybe the next time I draw, trees should float & animals should start looking like they’re plants & vice versa and I shouldn’t be afraid to break rules!

Anyway, to end the post, here’s La Luna to awaken any stubborn parts of our brains 😉

P.S. Thanks again to Maui, Gicel, Oscar & Charm for sharing your answers!  Thank you to my sister Trissia as always for letting me pick her brain 😉


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Lee Buaya
Lee Buaya
10 years ago

a warm hug. 😀

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