I’m back.  I wasn’t really on a blogging hiatus but if If there’s anything I’m good at doing lately, it’s panicking, making my brain freeze & my heart beat really fast.  I’m just so overwhelmed with all the pending things I have to finish in all aspects of my life. *Ahhhh* No matter how busy I am, I always make time for blogging, Instagram & working out. But lately, these three also had to be pushed aside to give way to other things. *Woops!*  I’m so guilty of making time for myself when all the other deadlines are starting at me.  Well, my future self is also giving me the eye for not doing everything I can within my capacity today so that I won’t panic tomorrow. *With that sentence, I just totally sounded creepy.*

In half a day, I can find myself working on wrapping up wedding invites, buying materials for the upcoming workshops, preparing travel stuff  & squeezing time to meet up some with some family & friends.  I’m enjoying each aspect it’s just that if these are the things I love doing then, there’s so much love going around–I’m overwhelmed!  Haha. I think I brought this upon myself.  I always manage to fill up my sched no matter how empty it is.

Meanwhile, here are signs that you are panicking…just like me!

Googly Gooeys Panicking

Ahh…If feels so good to be able to blog again!

I’ll be back soon!

Tipsy 🙂

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