Form and function are two things that should but don’t always go together so it’s a treat every time I come across furniture and home accessories that celebrate both. There’s something so attractive and interesting when a piece is so useful and yet can be classified as a fine piece of art as well. (That and when they come in fun colors and patterns! *Ahem teal, pink and blue!*) Such was the case when we stepped into Design Story, a home and lifestyle store located in Uptown Place Mall, BGC.

Design Story specializes in statement pieces from Hay and Stellar Works. Hay is a Danish design house with an eye for contemporary aesthetic combining inspirations from fashion and architecture. Stellar Works on the other hand is based in Shanghai and London with the goal of bridging the old and new, the East and West. The pieces they carry are finely and objectively curated to satisfy both purpose and aesthetic. Here’s a vlog we made from our recent visit:

I could go on and on about how much fun we had gazing at all the pretty finds so before I get lost in thought, allow me to share some of the pieces that caught our eye. (Of course, some ended up in our shopping bag! Whoops!)

Colorful, geometric and can perfectly hold all the art supplies and chocolates on my desk. Haha! They’re perfect for flatlays too. (By the way, have you checked out our 10 Instagram Flatlay Tips yet?)


I don’t know about you but there’s something so classic about these pieces. Watching the sand fall down also feels kind of therapeutic for me.



Admit it. Your local hardware store doesn’t have wall hooks and mounts that are as colorful and elegant as these!



It’s blush pink and comfy. Need I say more? Oh and you can actually customize the color and type of fabric when you order furniture so hooray for everyone!



As much as I love bright hues, organic and natural elements still catch my eye such as these wooden hands. They’re nice decor and they can hold pretty much anything like my rulers and paint brushes!



The combination of wood, bright hues and functionality is a sure win in this piece.



I love this set because they can double as decorative paper weights and toys for Riley! The gift box contains 16 blocks and comes in two color sets.



How about you? Which pieces from Design Story would you like to take home?

Visit Design Story’s official site, Facebook and Instagram for their complete product list and offers.

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