Five Kinds of Pain

Googly Gooeys The Five Kinds of Pain Physical Pain: "Pffft...Muscle pain. Please leave me now. Thank you." Emotional Pain: "Will I ever trust anyone ever again?" Temporary: "Brrraiinnnfreeze! Yikes!" Imaginary: "Sigh...It hurts that I can't have chocolates today..." Self-inflicted: "Hmmm..I wonder how waxing feels"

I was revisiting some Switchfoot tracks last week and I heard the line ♩♪ stars looking at our planet watching entropy and pain ♫♬ Suddenly, the idea for this cartoon came to me.  It just dawned upon me that not all kinds of pain are physical  and that not all of them have readily available over-the-counter remedies.  Some of them are self-inflicted like, “Should I have my eyebrows threaded this week?”  or “100 more sit-ups and I will no longer feel guilty about the extra 800 calories I consumed today!”

Some are the emotional kind ranging from a broken heart threatening to stay that way forever or that tiny sharp pain you feel every time you have an unanswered e-mail or text no thanks to the fact that you live in an instant generation where everyone wants an instant approval!  *insert a pair of annoyed eyes here*

Then, there’s the temporary kind like when you accidentally forgot that there’s a piece of furniture blocking your path and you hit its corner at which point you try to mouth an inaudible YEOOOOUCH while your face looks torn between squirming in pain and wanting to mock yourself for your oh-so-smart moment of the day.

Well, whatever pain you may be going through this week, I hope it can be solved by any of the following:

(a) Endless singing in the bathroom until you feel good about yourself (thanks to its ever-deceiving acoustics)

(b) Sleep. Lots of sleep.

(c) Surrounding yourself with family and friends to keep you sane 🙂

 & (d) Ice Cream. Lots of ice cream 😉



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11 years ago

OwWw…!!! 🙂

Shekayna Cambronero
Shekayna Cambronero
8 years ago

Ever deceiving acoustics. Lol XD

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