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Morning Person

Not Much of a Morning Person

Hello There! Tipsy here. I’m the morning person between the two of us. Ponggo’s such a night owl we actually joke to our friends that we only get to talk to each other somewhere between lunch time and early evening.  He always sleeps at past midnight.   He loves working at night because for him, it’s

Googly Gooeys Breakfast for McDonalds

Hooray for Today: Start Your Day Right With Breakfast!

    Hellooooo! Good morning! As I’m writing this blog post,  half of the city is still asleep and getting their extra ZzzZz’s.  Yep, I’m a morning person.  On weekdays, I have to wake up at 6:30am to do some errands and drive to my work.  My day always starts early to the point that

Googly Gooeys Tips on How to be Productive1

Tips on How to be More Productive

Tips on How to be More Productive Productive. That’s how we pretty much want our days want to be.  Well, I’m sharing these tips not because I’m the most producitve person that you’ll find.  Actually, I wrote this down as a reminder to myself.  One day, I was able to go through lots of documents

Googly Gooeys What Did I Write

What Did I Write?

What did I write? Oh no! What did I write? I always get overwhelmed with the many tasks I have on my to-do list.  To solve that: I tried to come up with a priority list.  That way, I know my non-negotiables for the day.  Well, last week.  I didn’t want  to forget a task

Googly Gooeys Stop Copying Me
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Stop Copying Me! Grrr….

Stop copying me! “Stop copying me”, Ponggo would tell me.  One of my hobbies / purposes in life is to annoy him. 😉  Ponggo loves using my phone for games and once he’s done & the battery’s mostly drained, he gives it back to me and asks me to charge it for him.  Instead of  getting

Googly Gooeys Desktop Full of Icons
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Desktop Full of Icons –That Annoying Vicious Cycle

Is your desktop full of icons? If your desktop is full of icons, chances are, not so long ago, when you had the chance to properly save your first file, you were thinking, “Nah…I’ll do it later”.  Then, when you had the chance to fix your desktop, you thought, “I’ll still survive. I’ll clean my

Googly Gooeys Everytime I See You1
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Everytime I See You, My Heart Beats Fast…

Everytime I See You Everytime I see you, I age & my wrinkles get more defined. I’ve had a very stressful week at work this week having to deal with twisted truths and some dirty corporate politics.  Everytime I had to work on two particular projects, my heart beats fast, my vision narrows, I find

Googly Gooeys Tips on How to Get Organized with Filed Folders

Get Organized with Filed Folders!

Get organized! Well, the first step in organizing your life is organizing your stuff. Hehe. Just imagine the amount of time you’ll save not having to look for things when you need them the most!  The new school year is just around the corner (at least in this side of the world) and aside from

Googly Gooeys Showered With Compliments
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Showered With Compliments

Have you ever been showered with compliments to the point that you didn’t know how to feel because as the conversation progressed, the more and more it became awkward? Orrr, did you ever find yourself giving compliments not even realizing how tactless, politically incorrect or inconsiderate you were? With the digital age, it’s so easy

Googly Gooeys How Will I Know

How Will I Know Lyrics Illustrated

As requested, here’s the illustrated version of the How Will I Know Lyrics :)) I was supposed to illustrate a couple more songs but let’s see what I can do. When the time permits & the mood arrived, I’ll do more of these. I first heard How Will I Know while I was driving. I

Googly Gooeys They Dont Like Me May303frames
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They Don’t Like Me

“They don’t like me.” It’s easy to know how a person sees him/herself based on his/her explanation to that statement. Others will wallow in sorrow and go for, “Why don’t people like me?”  Some people will even go further by asking, “What is it that I have to change so that they’ll like me?”.  Someone

Googly Gooeys Zero Calories May29

Zero Calories

You may or may not have probably noticed that a recent post was about counting calories. My friends and I each have created an account on My Fitness Pal. The thing is, we’re always together on food trips: from pizza nights, Japanes food, Chinese food, street food, or just plain ol’ fast food happiness, we’re

Googly Gooeys Beauty Tips by Nikki Tiu of Askmewhats

Beauty Tips by Nikki Tiu of

I’ve always been so clueless about beauty products.  Yes, Tipsy the pink goo may be wearing mascara and and cheek tint all the time but the truth is, she wears more makeup than me. Hehe. I would always come across makeup on magazines but I just usually get distracted with the pretty packaging or lay-out, simply

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