They Don’t Like Me

Googly Gooeys They Don't Like Me "Maybe they don't like me." "Really. Because?" "I don't know. That's just how life is I guess" "Awww...There. There." "Or, maybe they are threatened by my good looks." "Now I know why they don't like you."

“They don’t like me.”

It’s easy to know how a person sees him/herself based on his/her explanation to that statement. Others will wallow in sorrow and go for, “Why don’t people like me?”  Some people will even go further by asking, “What is it that I have to change so that they’ll like me?”.  Someone might even spend hours and hours outlining the reasons and resolutions as to why someone doesn’t like them.

Then, there’s another bunch of self-loving people who don’t even spend time thinking what they need to change about themselves & just jump to the conclusion that people don’t like them because they’re seen as a competitor. Although that may be true, it may also just be an illusion. Haha. Each person in this world is unique & with uniqueness comes the fact that we can’t please everyone but I think there is a fine line between loving yourself and loving yourself too much!

P.S. Thanks to Skin White for our Snow White & the Huntsman movie tickets! 🙂 The story’s well-written and the cinematography’s ahhmazing! Btw, SkinWhite’s giving away, a Canon 600D! Click here for the contest details ❤

P.P.S. More cartoons oozing with love (self-love!) here:
Fact of the Day #60: People tend to get vain & overly critical of themselves.
Loving Yourself Too Much

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