How Will I Know Lyrics Illustrated

How Will I Know Lyrics Illustrated by the Googly Gooeys, Sung by the Glee Cast & Whitney Houston

As requested, here’s the illustrated version of the How Will I Know Lyrics :)) I was supposed to illustrate a couple more songs but let’s see what I can do. When the time permits & the mood arrived, I’ll do more of these.

I first heard How Will I Know while I was driving. I just love the way the Glee cast blended in this song and probably the fact that Mercedes opens the song instead of Rachel Barry. I don’t get to watch Glee these days but I must admit there was a time when I got hooked. I was a member of our school choir years ago. Sadly, my singing career these days is limited to the bathroom. I was just thinking how much cooler it would’ve been to be in a school glee club these days thanks to the show!


P.S. More illustrated lyrics here:
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Joesyl Marie Dela Cruz
12 years ago

I love this song with the same reason that you love it. The Glee Cast did an awesome job! LSS!

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