Googly Gooeys Desktop Full of Icons How Your Desktop Gets Clogged with Icons 1. You're too lazy to save the file in the correct folder. 2. You save the file on your desktop. 3. Now your desktop's full of files. 4. You have a hard time locating the files. 5. You decide to clean up your dekstop

Is your desktop full of icons?

If your desktop is full of icons, chances are, not so long ago, when you had the chance to properly save your first file, you were thinking, “Nah…I’ll do it later”.  Then, when you had the chance to fix your desktop, you thought, “I’ll still survive. I’ll clean my desktop icons”” until one day, you found out that your dekstop’s clogged & you can’t find the files you need in what seems to be a labyrinth of! icons!  That’s what sucks about certain habits–they practically become a lifestyle and they come to haunt you now and then unless you clean your act–literally & figuratively.

P.S. Sometimes I wonder if anyone really reads the paragraph below these cartoon entries. Would anyone notice if I wrote akl;dsafadjkskjfdslkjfsljfds? 😛

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