50 Shades of Grey: Seriously, I don’t know what the fuss is all about!?

Googly Gooeys 50 Shades of Grey 50 Gray Pantone Chips

“50 Shades of Grey? What is the fuss all about?”, says Ponggo.

I don’t know how many times 50 Shades of Grey has been recommended to me.  I would hear the DJ talk about it on my favorite morning show and people would Tweet me about it.  My cousin would send me a DM over Twitter asking if my other cousin’s reading about it because she’s too young to read it.  My other younger cousin is asking me if I have read it. (Well, I do have a lot of cousins, we have a big familehhhh!!) I’d go to some house & I’d see a copy lying around. Even Ponggo’s maid is reading it!

I must admit I have yet to read but I hope you enjoyed our own little parody.  I think I had too much fun with the pantone chips my fingers are now sore trying to encode all the HTML & CMYK values and digitally washi taping each one!  If you’re following @googlygooeys on Instagram, you’ll know how much I’m addicted to washi tapes! ❤❤

Anyway, going back, ff you’re feeling a bit obsessive-compulsive today, you may double check if I really pasted 50 chips on Ponggo’s wall 😉


Tipsy ❤

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Marielle Faye Garcia
Marielle Faye Garcia
11 years ago

I am not into the novel.. I have started reading it just to see if I would like it. But, it turns out I don’t… Hahaha! I’ve also read the synopsis on the web, and I knew I wouldn’t like it. Haha. It needs a broad mind though..

Sarah Sy
Sarah Sy
11 years ago

Read it and be the judge. As for me, I didn’t even get halfway of the 1st book. I just read it because like you, people around me kept asking if I already read it or do I have the copy etc etc. Too “twilight-ey” for me. lol

Edith Fernandez
11 years ago

Wow!Don’t tell me Tipsy and Ponggo are rushers too? 🙂 ♥ I’ve read the trilogy but never got to finish the third one. I think it’s just about 30% story/content and 70% you know what haha :p

11 years ago

Just want to ask if you already created a post regarding your favorite morning show, which I also love. I am looking forward to see them in your post. :))

Isabel Gomez
11 years ago

I read it for the sake of trying out every genre I could get my hands on. I ended up reading all three books because I was curious how it would end seeing that the plot was too soft for it to reach even a second book. I can’t even- *sighs* let’s just say if you take out all the R18 content you could easily fit the story in 1 book but it still wouldn’t be worth the hype. 😐

Anna Enojas
11 years ago

I just finished the 3 books (ebook actually) I love the romantic parts, but I skipped most of the it’s part coz I got bored with the love scenes. It’s just too many 🙁

Lady In Pink
11 years ago

hahaha this is cool. On the other side, i’ve also read all 3 books. Enjoyed reading it that made read it 3 time 😀 *adik mode*

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