Everytime I See You, My Heart Beats Fast…

Googly Gooeys Everytime I See You "Everytime I see you, my heart beats fast..." "Aww...." "I can't breathe" "Really?" "...and I have butterflies in my tummy" "You're THAT in love with me?!" "No. Your mere presence is making me stressed." "Hmp!"

Everytime I See You

Everytime I see you, I age & my wrinkles get more defined.

I’ve had a very stressful week at work this week having to deal with twisted truths and some dirty corporate politics.  Everytime I had to work on two particular projects, my heart beats fast, my vision narrows, I find it hard to breathe and I can’t focus on the task at hand be it answering e-mails or editing files & reverting it back to them.  Then I thought, this is pretty much how being in love felt! Well, except for the narrowing of vision of course. 🙂 To top it all off, my computer decided to go on a holiday. I’m currently using Ponggo’s huge laptop while he reformats mine and I feel like my hands are about to crack at any moment because of the pain. 😛

/end rant

Times like these, I’m always grateful that there is a venue for me to turn an ugly experience into a light-hearted cartoon!


Tipsy O_o

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