I Have an App for That!

Googly Gooeys I Have an App for That "I have an app that can tell me how much calories I've consumed." "I have an app for that too. It's called self-discipline." "I have an app for the weather." "I have that app too! It's called that window" "I also have an app that let's me play games with other people" "I have that too. It's called playing Monopoly Deal with your real friends." "Finally, I have an app that tells you how I feel with these cute emoticons" "Me too! It's called look-at-me-and-stop-tinkering-with-your-phone app!"

I have an app for that!

“I have an app for that!”  I think we’ve been over-reliant on app these days.  Tell me how many days you can go without  checking your phone for any social networking update or opening an app?

Go to restaurants, cafe’s and wherever else and you’ll find a group of people sharing the same table and not talking to each other because they’re both busy with their phones!   Once, I was even greeted on Twitter first before that someone actually recognized my presence at an event.  So I told the person, “Hello! I’m here! Hope you can greet me live in the flesh too!”  Don’t get me wrong though.  I AM thankful for apps.  If not for them, I’d have to open my laptop each time I have to check something or I won’t be able to talk to my friends and relatives in other countries as much as I want to. (Oh, the phone bill!) But there’s a danger point: the illusion of having an active social life, the the sense of entitlement one gets from all those statistics & numbers and of course, wasting one’s productive years in front of a bright screen.

I should definitely spend more time away from my phone these days.


Tipsy ❤

P.S. Yep, the Googly Gooeys are on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram too! 🙂

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Maham Tanveer
11 years ago

Haha that’s really one of your cutest yet

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