Beauty Tips by Nikki Tiu of

Beauty Tips by Nikki Tiu of Illustrated by the Googly Gooeys 1. Pick the skin care regimen for the right skin type 2. It should take you half the time to put on makeup to remove your makeup 3. Never sleep with makeup on 4. Let Your Skin Breathe 5. Smile!

I’ve always been so clueless about beauty products.  Yes, Tipsy the pink goo may be wearing mascara and and cheek tint all the time but the truth is, she wears more makeup than me. Hehe. I would always come across makeup on magazines but I just usually get distracted with the pretty packaging or lay-out, simply overwhelmed with the plethora of available products in the market.   These days, I find myself interviewing my cousins, friends, sisters-in-law who are all apparently into buying makeup and skincare products. *Gawd, I’m such a late bloomer* I would ask them what their favorite products are, how it reacts to their skin and the like.  I would only buy products if they’ve tested it.

Clueless as I am, I knew I needed more help. So I asked an expert to share her tips with us.  Nikki of is a freelance makeup artist who also owns a blog filled with makeup reviews, tips about nail art & such.  Ponggo & I met Nikki at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards in Malaysia.
One time, I was browsing through her Instagram photos & came across a photo of a liquid liner and commented, “I don’t know how to wear one! I always end up looking like a panda when I do” to which she replied, “I’ll teach you”. Then it dawned upon me, that maybe she can help the rest of us with our makeup dilemmas by sharing her beauty tips 🙂 What I love about her blog is that aside from the fact that she’s keen on which product qualities to highlight, not afraid to share the downsides of a product and some caveats which will definitely make it easier to the readers to gauge whether a cream or moisturizer is right for them 😉

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Tipsy ❤


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