Showered With Compliments

Showered With Compliments by the Googly Gooeys "You drew this? Awww...the cutest drawing of a dog I've ever seen!" "It's not a dog; it's a horse" "And this soup is the best chicken soup ever" "It's not chicken; it's seafood" "And I must say, your photos are looking good; not bad for a beginner" "I've been taking photos for years now" "And I must say..." "Stop. Stop complimenting me! It hurts!"

Have you ever been showered with compliments to the point that you didn’t know how to feel because as the conversation progressed, the more and more it became awkward? Orrr, did you ever find yourself giving compliments not even realizing how tactless, politically incorrect or inconsiderate you were? With the digital age, it’s so easy to type and delete type and delete and edit your thoughts to make it sound more palatable. However, this same convenience we enjoy as netizens has made us less capable of filtering our thoughts in real life conversations (or has it?).

I’ve been a victim of these complisults. *Oh, the drama* Once, I found myself meeting an old classmate at a bathroom inside a mall and she told me, “Gumanda ka!” (“You’re pretty now.”) which made me think, “Ugh…Thanks for pointing out how ugly I was before”. Also, Years ago, I was with an officemate, I opened my wallet and she saw a photo of me when I was 12. She said, “Oh, is that you? You’re so pretty…but you don’t look anything like yourself when you were 12.” LOLz. This is actually the basis for this cartoon entry. As a kid, I appeared in a PLDT commercial once but my shyness (as a little girl) and my sleepless nights in school and zits decided that my fate will be different later in life. Ho ho ho 😉

But then, on the flip side, I must say, I always find myself saying “Oops. Did I really say that?” at social gatherings. Sometimes, to prevent myself from saying anything I just give a very approving smile instead of initiating a spontaneous wreck. I often forget, I don’t have seconds to edit, I don’t even have hashtags to add, I don’t have extra minutes to think whether or not by saying it I sound sincere or simply sucking-up even if I’m sincere or am I really plainly crucifying myself in the process of blurting out a random remark. Oh well. C’est la vie & I have yet to spend the rest of my days learning how to be more spontaneous and upping my speed of real-time editing!!

So, have you ever found yourself being showered with compliments or giving out relationship-damaging ones? 😉


Tipsy ❤

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P.P.S. Have you seen the article we wrote and pictures we took for on Heima’s Design Discussion 3 & the launch of their new collection?

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12 years ago

I didn’t get into a certain acting class and one of my cast-mates tactlessly said ‘What?? But that class is full of people who are so much worse than you!’ I knew he just worded it badly so I just found it funny :B

12 years ago

I think that the whole “gumanda ka” thing is common especially with us Filipinos. It’s almost always followed by “bakit, panget ba ako noon?”

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