Tips on How to be More Productive

1) Work quickly...but not carelessly 2) Givey ourself something to look forward to after you're done with all the work "..and I shall have an unlimited night of gaming after I'm done with this!" 3. Stay away from all the distractions "Go offline if you must. Stay away from your phone if you can." 4.Sleep or rest if you have to. Remember, your brain needs to reboot too! 5. Givey yourself a trime frame "...and I shall finish this before I die"

Tips on How to be More Productive

Productive. That’s how we pretty much want our days want to be.  Well, I’m sharing these tips not because I’m the most producitve person that you’ll find.  Actually, I wrote this down as a reminder to myself.  One day, I was able to go through lots of documents & cross out lots of stuff on my to-do list & I asked myself, “Hey, what did I do right today?” *Ooh.  I officially sound like a self-help book. Haha*

But wait.  I just want to explain a few things since some items are debatable (or that’s just me debating with my inner critique). O_O

1. Work quickly but not carelessly – Well, if it’s too hard for you to sit down & do your homework or report, try to be more efficient so that you can end the pain (?!) quickly! Hehe.

2. Give yourself something to look forward to – I just realized that if I give myself more work as a reward of being able to finish some projects, I ended up getting burned out and starting to question my purpose in life (in short, almost losing my sanity and umm…zest for life).  So try to celebrate the small wins!

3. Stay away from all the distractions – If you don’t really have to go online then don’t.  You’ll be amazed as to how much stuff you can do in so little time if you cut all those time for social networking in between.  I know.  I’ve tried 😉

4. Sleep if you have to! – I didn’t believe in this at first.  While growing up, my dad and I would debate about what time I should sleep and wake up.  I wanted to finish everything so that I can have a peaceful sleep but I wasn’t really being productive.  He suggested that I sleep or rest first then wake up very early in the morning so that my mind’s still fresh & ready for the the gazillions of info I have to absorb or a paper that I have to write.  Then again, oversleeping is another issue 😉

5. Give yourself a time frame – Admit it. Your to-do list today sort of looks like your to-do list yesterday or last week.  I realized that it’s not enough to write down tasks that you have to do or else you’ll end up having ugly backlogs like me O_o It’s also important to specify WHEN you’re gonna do it (and of course, “I’ll do this before I die” is such a bleak time frame). 😛


Tipsy 😀

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Shekayna Cambronero
Shekayna Cambronero
8 years ago

“… And I shall finish this before I die” Hahaha! (Y)

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