What Did I Write?

Googly Gooeys What Did I Write 5 Minutes Ago: Let me write down my ideas before they fly away! Now: Oh great! I can't read this. What did I write?

What did I write?

Oh no! What did I write?

I always get overwhelmed with the many tasks I have on my to-do list.  To solve that: I tried to come up with a priority list.  That way, I know my non-negotiables for the day.  Well, last week.  I didn’t want  to forget a task so I wrote it down quickly as I was talking to someone on the phone.  I didn’t look at my paper while writing it down.  Minutes later I was staring at my notebook, so frustrated because I can’t seem to figure out what I just wrote but I know it’s really really important. Hehe.

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