Googly Gooeys Short Lived Apology
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Short-Lived Apology

Hello, hello!  We’re back once again!  Ponggo & I had a tough but very productive and fulfilling working weekend.  We ended it nicely with a filling dinner and a quick skate at the rink.  Since were were sleep-deprived and tired by Sunday night, we were didn’t necessarily in the cheeriest of dispositions.  [May I also […]

Googly Gooeys Relationship Woes2
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Relationship Woes

  It’s the love month so please allow us to abuse the topic of L-O-V-E.  Here are some pre-relationship woes.  While it’s fun to look back at them, these things can be a pain in the head (and heart!) while these were happening (enter dramatic music): When Someone’s Too Dense – While others can be

Googly Gooeys Speaking in Code
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Speaking in Code

Our first ever fight back when we were still dating (umm…more than 10 years ago) was pretty much about this.  When I said yes he thought I was really saying yes but he didn’t know that I was secretly hurting slash dying inside. Apparently, for certain people yes is yes and no is no.  For

Googly Gooeys Last Christmas
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Last Christmas I Gave You My…

Gift-giving is probably not the most exciting part of our relationship.  After so many years of trying, Ponggo has finally given up on me.  I have way too many comments about all the presents he has given me.  One year, he tries to guess the clothes I might like.  Last Christmas, he bought me stuff that

Googly Gooeys We Won1
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We Won! Woohoo!

    We won! We mostly stayed home the past two weekends and we were glued to our laptops chasing deadlines, fixing the site etc while the TV was on. (Exciting, I know. *sarcastic*)  There were a lot of competitions lately: the recent local cheer dancing competition, the local intercollegiate basketball league (i.e. UAAP) &

Googly Gooeys Alphabet of Social Networking Part21
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Social Networking Alphabet (Part2)

Social Networking Alphabet (Part 2) Well, here’s part 2 of the Social Networking Alphabet! If you missed part 1, scroll down or click here. I’m just amused that there’s really nothing good under “U”.   Suggestions anyone? 😉  Everything that we could think of starts with the prefix “un” which usually comes with rants & drama

Googly Gooeys Stop Copying Me
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Stop Copying Me! Grrr….

Stop copying me! “Stop copying me”, Ponggo would tell me.  One of my hobbies / purposes in life is to annoy him. 😉  Ponggo loves using my phone for games and once he’s done & the battery’s mostly drained, he gives it back to me and asks me to charge it for him.  Instead of  getting

Googly Gooeys Everytime I See You1
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Everytime I See You, My Heart Beats Fast…

Everytime I See You Everytime I see you, I age & my wrinkles get more defined. I’ve had a very stressful week at work this week having to deal with twisted truths and some dirty corporate politics.  Everytime I had to work on two particular projects, my heart beats fast, my vision narrows, I find

Googly Gooeys You Just Did May17
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You Just Did

You Just Did: Isn’t it amazing how people say that they’re not going to tell you anything when by doing so, they just did? People also ask permission to ask a question when in the process of doing so, they just asked a question. It’s like asking people to respond to your question “Are you

Googly Gooeys Gazillion Times
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A Gazillion Times

A Gazillion Times First of all, my source of happiness today is the fact that I’m finally able to include those colorful washi tapes as (part of my useless) props behind Tipsy! I don’t know what is it with washi tapes.  Staring at them makes me happy. (Me & my color fixations…) I think I

Googly Gooeys Keeping Secrets1
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Keeping Secrets: Can You Keep a Secret?

On Keeping Secrets So, are you good at keeping secrets? How long have you kept a secret? Is it such a hard task for ya? 🙂 More Tipsy & Ponggo banters here: Fact of the Day #19: People get grumpy when they’re hungry. Vague Answers The Love-Hate Relationship Cycle Almost a Compliment P.S. You can

Googly Gooeys Important Call1
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An Important Call

Usually, we have the option to answer a call or not. Then again, if it’s an important call–especially from nature–we simply can’t refuse! More bathroom & phone call toons here: How People Answer Calls When They’ve Just Woken Up Calling Each Other Back The Toothpaste Issue Smartphones in Bathrooms Singing Inside The Bathroom: Expectations vs.

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