A Gazillion Times

A Gazillion Times by the Googly Gooeys: "I love you a million times" "I love you a billion times" "I love you a gazillion times" "But a gazillion isn't real, so your love is not real?"

A Gazillion Times
First of all, my source of happiness today is the fact that I’m finally able to include those colorful washi tapes as (part of my useless) props behind Tipsy! I don’t know what is it with washi tapes.  Staring at them makes me happy. (Me & my color fixations…) I think I always find consolation in the fact that my source of happiness is something that can’t be bought or sold. Sure I tend to buy colorful pens and dresses from time to time but taking a photo of something colorful or browsing colorful stuff on the internet makes me happy.

(Woops! I went to far with my unrelated intro. Anyway, going back to today’s cartoon…)

I noticed that sometimes, Ponggo & I don’t really have any problems it’s just that we end up having this awkward silence

from time to time because I always ask him to qualify his statements when I know for a fact that he’s not really good at explaining the abstract (i.e. his emotions–just like the cartoon above).  I read between the lines and analyze statements too much; a happy moment suddenly turns sour. Ehehehehe. Sorry!  Lesson learned, I shouldn’t allow my thoughts to multiply a gazillion times & let it get the best of me!

Ho ho ho. I hope you picked up something from today’s Lovey-dovey and unexpectedly cheesy entry.


Tipsy ❤

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12 years ago

oooh, I can relate with the gazillion thingy. my ex-boyfriend used to said to me that he loves me a gazillion times a day. haha… it didn’t come up to me that gazillion is not a real number; considering I’m an engineer. 

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