We Won! Woohoo!




Googly Gooeys Our Team Won! "Woohoo! Our team won second place!" "Oh wow! Congratulations! So how many teams competed?" "Umm...Two?"

We won!

We mostly stayed home the past two weekends and we were glued to our laptops chasing deadlines, fixing the site etc while the TV was on. (Exciting, I know. *sarcastic*)  There were a lot of competitions lately: the recent local cheer dancing competition, the local intercollegiate basketball league (i.e. UAAP) & F1 (to which I lost Ponggo).  I can’t even disturb him when he’s watching Mr. Schumacher & Co.  I’m this close to coming up with a “5 Signs That You’re Addicted to F1” post.  Anyway, these competitions brought me back to the time when we would read press releases about local teams competing abroad and bragging about the fact that they won nth place against international teams while unbeknownst to the rest of the readers, only 2-3 teams actually competed in that category/division. Ho ho ho.  Wish I still had the link to that article though.  Yes, sadly, such teams exist!

It’s like telling your sister, “You’re my most favorite sister in the whole wide world” when you only have one sibling! 😉

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section Tipsy





If you’ve been following @googlygooeys on Instagram, you would have probably come across these photos.  I’ve been designing wedding materials as Patty has featured on her blog and now, I’m designing for my most fickle client yet–myself.  It’s almost been a year since we got married & I have yet to finish our album!  Haha.  I’ve asked other artists and they told me that it’s hard to finish personal projects since the deadline is always movable.  Speaking of movable deadlines, this article by globe trotter & writer Christ Guillebeau might just help! 🙂

Wedding Album Elements (Meanwhile) Illustrations of Gowns, vera wang blush wedding dress, color palette & desserts









Someday, I’ll be brave enough to post our own wedding pics here or more of our personal pictures in general. Meanwhile, these are:
1) Entourage gowns & our color pallet.  I love colors & I just had to go with the first few shades of the rainbow but ask me again another time & I’ll probably change our motif at a heartbeat (much to my gown designer & groom’s dismay). Hehe.

2) More elements from the wedding: cakes, cupcakes, bouquet, desserts. Ahh…I’m done with three fourths of the album as of today but I really hope I can finish it on time! Wish me luck! Pray that my fickle-mindedness will stop getting in the way.



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