Optimist versus Pessimist

"Wish we could go stargazing, I'd love to see some shooting stars" "Why waste your time watching the ultimate symbols of crash & burn" "Oh. Don't you just love it when it rains?" "You love rain? You mean you love acid? It's mostly acid rain these days" "Why are you so negative? When are you going to see the sunshine in all this?" "Sunshine? The skin cancer causing UV rays? Why should I be excited about that" "Sigh. You're hopeless." "Look who's negative now!"

Optimist versus Pessimist: This is one of the usual conversations that Ponggo & I have. I accuse him of being negative and he accuses me of being too happy sappy. He claims he’s a realist while in my defense, I tell him that I just want to see the best side of all things. It’s funny though that this is also reflected in our photography style: we noticed that given the same landscape, I’ll take pictures of mostly clouds while he takes pictures of mostly the foreground. For me, it’s as if I’m staring at the heavens while he’s busy moping, looking at the ground.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m filled with negative energy on certain days. When I have a goal, I really try to aim high–sometimes I aim too high I fall flat on my face or worse, I create a crack on the surface & when I get frustrated, it consumes me. He, on the other hand, just watches me fall, chuckles and stays calm as he tells me that he was right & that I’m the pessimist after all 😉

Struggling with the optimist versus pessimist inside me,

Tipsy ❤

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P.P.S. Today’s color combo & props are based on Lauren O’ Neill’s Instagram post. I love Instagram.  I love hopping around from one account to another getting lost in everybody’s pictures; hearting the day away!

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12 years ago

I feel you, Tipsy! Hubby and I are like that, too! =D

Nina Fuentes
12 years ago

I love the Bonjour/Bon Jovi poster! 😀

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