If Google Suggestions Were a Person (Part2)

GG if google suggestions were a person part2

If Google Suggestions Were a Person (Part2)

Google suggestions gave me this the other day when I was searching for “Why are artists moody?”

Google Why are artists moody

…and as much as you’d love to hate the results for being too blunt & tactless, there’s really not much you can do because you know it’s a compilation of all the articles written with the first three words you typed in. After that, I played around with Google starting with philosophical & existential questions and it gave me this:

Google Suggestions

Oh. Google Suggestions, you are such a character! I’m loving how Google Suggestions & Autocorrect act as mindless mind-readers these days 😉

Click here for Part 1

Tipsy ❤


(Update as of August 14, 2012)

P.S. Just stumbled upon this post on Yoshke’s blog on how Google Suggestions can spew out unsolicited remarks about each nation. Click here to see the full post 🙂

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