The Value of Honesty in a Relationship

Googly Gooeys Honesty in a Relationship "We promised that we'll be honest with each other right?" "Yes. And...?" "I just wanted to tell you that your the handsomest goo. You're #1." "Awww. Shucks. I can't help it. That's just me." "So, how do I rank?" "#30 on my list of prettiest goo of all time." "#30?" "I thought you wanted us to be honest?" "It's a trap. I should've seen it coming!"

The value of honesty in a relationship has been stressed so many times by older people and a number of magazine articles and talk shows.  Then again, there’s a very fine line between being honest and being brutally frank.  The other night, I told him that he was the “pogi-est” (i.e. most good-looking) and that he’s probably #1. Aware of my imperfections and hoping for a bit of sugar-coating (fine, LOTS and LOTS of sugar-coating = [sugar-coating x 101000] ). I was hoping he’s blurt out number twenty-something. But #30? #30?! I kept on repeating that number that night. He explained that if I he told me that I was #1 on his list too, I’d tell him that he is lying (which is most probably what I’ll be saying anyway). In the end, I don’t really know what answer I’m looking for. I guess I shouldn’t have started that conversation! Ha. A lot of the times, relationships get more and more complicated when someone reads too much between the lines and magnifies tiny issues.  I guess in the end, we just have to cut ourselves some slack & don’t stress over the small stuff.



P.S. Seize the day!  cake! 😉

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Nina Fuentes
12 years ago

Seize the cake indeed!

Tsk, you naughty Ponggo! 😉

12 years ago

And again, I feel like we are in the same situation, Tipsy! Hahaha!!! I suppose we’re “relationship twins”! XD

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