Fickle Fickle Me

This is the downside of letting your heart decide on things that involve logistics & logic. It gets pretty…hmm…tippy.  Now I know why I earned that nickname IRL. 😛 Tippy apparently means unstable.  That is, not to be confused with Tipsy which I earned from some other life event.

Anyway, This is how Ponggo & I are on days when I choose to work at home.  I’m usually so pressured with deadlines while with the nature of his work, he always needs to go somewhere!  Every time he asks me if I want to go with him and stay at a cafe while he has a meeting somewhere.

Fickle Fickle Me

Usually, by this time, I’m busy writing, drawing or editing photos and I just feel the pressure of all the deadlines so I just feel like I need to stay at home and punish myself until I’m done with all the pending work!  But, as soon as he leaves, I start feeling like I’ll be all alone and bored at home so I decide to go out.  However, moments later, I FEEL that if we’re together, and I might just end up spending more time in transit and I might not finish a lot of work so I usually ask me to drop him off somewhere.

Fickle fickle me.

This is how I pretty much also decide if I want to work out or stay at home instead. *Woops!*

Sorry Ponggo.  I will try to limit that “follow your heart” thing of mine only when I’m tinkering with my art materials. 🙂



Meanwhile Globe NBA All Star 2015 NYC

Meanwhile, may I just say that Ponggo just won us tickets to watch the NBA All-Star Game last night thanks to Globe!?!?!?!  Well, Ponggo & I are just happy that we’re Globe users for 15 years now.  I felt a sudden rush of blood into my head when the winner was announced, so did he.  It was so unreal.  We just came home from our trip and I’m still not yet done uploading all my travel photos and here we are prepping for New York in Feb 2015 to watch the NBA All-Star Game!?  This is just crazy.  I’m actually this close to buying a lotto ticket just to see where are luck will take us. Hahaha. Wow.  I just also learned this evening that Ponggo wasn’t able to sleep until around 4am out of excitement.

Well, speaking of fickle & the NBA, If you’re like me who can’t decide what to maximize your budget every day, Globe Prepaid now has  GoSURF50!  You may now access all the sites you want including Spotify, Wattpad plus a 24-hour NBA League Pass!

Just dial  *143# and choose GoSURF50.  Visit for more info or play the vid below for more info. 🙂

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9 years ago

I can relate to this, going, not going then going again! Eeep. Fickle minded. Hahaha.

Congrats on winning! Cannot wait to see your travel posts 😛 Have a Merry Christmas Tippy! Ooops, I mean Tipsy 🙂 You are amazing!

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