Your social media feed is starting to get more & more predictable:  Just count the number of times that people will Tweet or post about how much people loathe mondays, how depressed they are on Sunday nights & how happy they are on Fridays.  Probably the only time that people will be happy about Monday will be tomorrow–a holiday at least for the city I live in.  Too bad I work elsewhere & most of the stuff I’m on my to-do list can be submitted online. No holiday for moi. 😛

If Days of the Week Were Like People

Anyway, as I was saying before, if days of the week were like people, Friday would be the pop kid & Monday would be the most loathed & unwelcome. Good thing they’re days of the week & practically numb & deaf to all our comments.  😉

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Cronut Post World Tour

The blog had a crazy, surreal & overwhelming week.  This Cronut Recipe did a bit of world tour making cameo appearances on various design, news & food blogs around the world.  And, each time we think it has stopped, it just keeps on going! *faints*

Googly Gooeys Cronut Recipe on Daily Mail, Design Taxi, Food Beast, I Love Charts, Fine Dining Lovers, KGBX

To mention a few, thank you to these blogs who generously featured our cronut recipe:

Food Beast, article written by Peter Pham (California, USA)

Daily Mail UK, article written by Kaitlinn Van Ert (UK)

Laughing Squid, article written by Rusty Blazenhoff (New York, USA)

Fine Dining Lovers (Milan, Italy)

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I Love Charts, written by Jason & Cody (USA) – We’re also in the I Love Charts Book!❤

Mommyish, article written by Eve Vawter (New York City, USA)
Design Taxi, article written by Thia Shi Min (New York, USA / Singapore)

Brad Miller of KGBX 105.9 & Rachel Kaplan of Clear Channel Media + Entertainment (Texas, USA)

Sodelicious, article written by Aron

‘Til the next food craze!

Tipsy & Ponggo ❤

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