A Taste of Life & the INK Fest 2013

A Taste of Life "I can almost taste the weekend!" "Really? How does it taste like?"

A Taste of Life

This is dedicated to our good friend Aina who wrote “I can almost taste the weekend” on her status last Thursday to which I responded, “Really? How does it taste like?”.  Thank you for your patience when I take everything too literally.  Thank you too for being there for me when I have grammatical emergencies (and Google isn’t helping) and as I struggle with my daily woes & inner demons!

Aina currently writes for WhenInManila.com and you can check out all her articles here. 🙂

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INK Fest 10A Alabama 2013

Ang INK Fest 2013
A Celebration of Creativity in Children’s Literature

INK Fest at 10A Alabama

Remember the group of awesome artists whose drawings I showcased a while back?  This year, a lot of members of the Ilustrador ng Kabataan (aptly called INKies) have contributed loads to the release new titles in the children’s book illustration scene, so they’re having a party…and we’re all invited!

This will be a fun event where we will all get to learn from the artists’ processes behind their projects, witness the unveiling of the new INK website and the INK zine, get a chance to win & buy books from the different publishing houses: Adarna House, Anvil Publishing, Lampara House, OMF Literature, Vibal Publishing House.

The INK fest will be held on October 19, this coming Saturday, at the 10a Alabama in New Manila, Quezon City. For those residing in Metro Manila, 10A Alabama is very near Red Ribbon & Gold’s gym corner Hemady & E. Rodriguez.   There will be a minimal entrance fee of 30 pesos.

More details about the event here. See you there! 🙂

Ilustrador ng Kabataan Logo (175 pixels)

Don’t forget to follow Ilustrador ng Kabataan (INK) for more updates!

Twitter (@ang_ink)
Instagram (@hello_ink)
and don’t forget to use the hashtag #INKfest for all your Instagram photos! 🙂

More about art & illustration here ❤

Celina de Guzman’s Cold Milk Culprits Exhibit
The Heima MT Spaces Exhibit
Dan Matutina’s Into Space Exhibit
The DLSU-CSB Simplexity Exhibit

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