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Googly Gooeys Appreciating Things

Earlier this year, Mikey, Ponggo & I were busy working on this animated clip.  We were so engrossed and so deeply absorbed into what we were doing to the point that no one was talking to each other.  However, from time to time, we would hear Mikey say, “Oh man! This is just soooo awesome!”  We thought that he was praising either of our works–how the sound was edited or how the raw illustration came to life. (Ugh! How assuming of us).  He continues with his compliments about how this and that is such a never before seen work of art–a breakthrough of sorts.  At this point, we thought he was just busy video-hopping on YouTube and checking out other works for inspiration.  We were finally struck with curiosity and we looked at his laptop screen and find out that he was just praising his own work in front of us *doingk*.  Then, we all laughed in disbelief.

Ever since that summer, Ponggo & I would take turns doing this just to annoy each other.  Recently, I was finishing a project & he blurted, “It’s really different if you know your (camera) lens very well!”  I thought he was checking out some National Geographic article with awesome photography.  I took a peek at his laptop and voila, he’s merely complimenting his prize shot.  I gave him an irritated smirk with eyes half-open and I looked at my laptop while editing a post & said with a fake enthusiasm, “I really love this blog” (yup, the one that you’re looking at right now) and Ponggo returns the annoyed stare.

I guess there’s a fine line between attempting to look at one’s work in a third person point of view while struggling to do away with bias and just loving yourself waaay too muuuchhh (so much that multiple consonants don’t even suffice)!  😉

Cheers to an inflated self-esteem!  Here’s a pin you could borrow if you need to pop some air out! 


Tipsy ❤

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Globe Tattoo LTE Prepaid Kit

Meanwhile, if you love yourself enough, you won’t be wasting your hours away playing a staring game with your computer just because the files are taking eons to download or because the video you want to see is taking forever and a half to play!  You see, a long time ago, man was contented with 1.44 MB of floppy disk memory and a 25.6 KBPS of internet speed. (Whattt??) Fast forward to the future and you find yourself wanting to be be entertained with HD videos while uploading a 200MB files.  Now you don’t want to get stuck at home watching the status bar just because you’re tied down by your deadlines.  These days, we’re practically nomads but we’re still expected to be the ultimate productive individual whenever and wherever.  We have also turned into multi-tasking procrastinators playing games, uploadng photos and browsing through multiple social networking sites all at the same time!

Choose Tattoo Orange Lamborghini

Good thing there’s something that can keep up with our demands:   an orange Lamborghini ready to take us around town  the Tattoo Prepaid LTE which can go up to speeds of 42MBPS!  Finally, there’s an LTE mobile Wi-fi device which powers up to 10 internet-mooching friends and family members  mobile devices.  It’s not only a Wi-Fi device but it also doubles as a power bank! *Oh power bank..Ahhh..finally someone truly understands our needs!*  There’s also a handy-dandy Tattoo Prepaid LTE stick.  Both devices come with free 5GB worth of data valid for seven days.  The Tattoo LTE is just as sleek and ultra fast just like the orange Lambo in the photo which is already parked in our garage Ponggo really wanted to take home!  *Ahh…someday…someday..*  For more info about the Tattoo LTE, visit for more details (and thank us later)!

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