Full Moon

I was driving home today & saw a full moon!  I was such a wreck a couple of weeks ago but today, I was just crazy happy for no reason.  Maybe my mood has something to do with the moon.  I was thinking of sharing this story with Ponggo but I’m pretty sure all he will say is, “Nahhh…Don’t use it as an excuse.”

The thing is every single time someone tells that I’m crazy. I’m actually relieved.  It’s like, I don’t have to hide anymore! I don’t have to pretend to be normal because…ugh, it takes so much effort you know?  *Whew!* I always say, “I’m so happy you figured it out early on!”

Back in Venice, while I was traveling alone, I met a bunch of strangers and we spent the whole night talking and laughing as if we were friends for so many years.  Then, at a certain point, they asked, “I’m sorry. Are we too crazy & weird for you?”  Unfazed, I answered, “Umm..Nope, my friends are weirder and crazier…So am I”.

So, there…

Thank you to my equally crazy friends and relatives who get me…and the saner ones who tolerate my craziness–with our without a full moon! 🙂 :*


Tipsy ❤

Full Moon

P.S. Thank you so much Nuffnang Philippines for our nominations at the Nuffie Awards in two categories! 🙂 Whoa!  Vote for Tipsy & Ponggo as the Artsy Gizmo & The Drifter here. 🙂

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Mimi Gonzales
9 years ago

I think crazy and weird is good. Crazy and weird is better! I love watching your craziness here 🙂 I hope you win the awards!!!!!

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