Frequently Asked Questions By Relatives & Friends

Not to be mistaken with our real set of Frequently Asked Questions our Instagram FAQ’s, here’s a set of frequently asked questions by relatives & friends!  I just realized through the years that when people are asking you these answers, it’s not as if you’re obliged to grab random guy & label him your boyfriend (literally, with a sticker), get married the next day or give birth to a child within twenty-four hours (even though it definitely feels like it).  Sometimes, these are just default conversation openers the same way my friends & relatives love to greet everyone with a “You look ___ ” (blank = happy, sad, tired, fat) greeting format.  Although yes, half of the time, they’re judging you against society’s standards.

Googly Gooeys This Is Why I'm Fat

These days, I don’t know how many times I get asked “When are you having kids?” so many times I always tell people that if I actually charged each person ten Pesos for asking, I should be rich by now!  Asking about people’s plans in life is like asking them when are they jumping when they’re about to jump–at which point you just destroyed the whole moment or asking them if the cupcake is good when they’re just actually about to bite into it.

So, when are you getting married? 😉


Tipsy ❤

P.S. See you on Friday, 27th of September at Heima Brixton’s MT Spaces Exhibit! 🙂 Exhibit opens at 5 & music starts at 8pm. It’ll be one fun & colorful washified night!

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