Worst Case Scenario

For the nth time, while watching a documentary, I blurted out my usual line “What if there are snakes?”  Ponggo hates me for this.  I don’t know why this is my default question whenever he brings up the topic of plants, hiking, forest & desert. Hehehehe.  Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy hiking.  Once though, Ponggo told me that while we were in Pico de Loro, a snake was just near me lurking in the trees.  He didn’t tell me anymore as there is no point in making me run around the mountains screaming.

Before working on this post, I thought we already had a similar entry. I went back & read Optimist versus Pessimit and got surprised how the tables seem to have turned.  Wait.  Now, I’m the negative one?  I’m the one who loves coming up with the worst case scenario? To my defense, I’d like to think of it as having a playful mind that always toys with situations that’s why I either churn out something so positive or mega negative. Hehehehe. *I don’t think Ponggo agrees with what I just wrote.*

Worst Case Scenario

I’m guilty of the following:
1. Every time I see a trailer truck, I always imagine it falling on my car.  Then, I proceed to think about what my last words will be & who will I call first. *This is what I get from watching too much Telenovela while growing up.*
2. When an elevator is under repair, I imagine myself being inside it when the steel rope finally snaps.  Every time I see that gap in the elevator before it closes, I always imagine accidentally dropping my phone there & never seeing it again.
3. I had this long phase of getting overly paranoid about putting beverages beside my laptop in the fear that clumsy me might just spill liquid over my keyboard.
4. Next week, I will be holding an Inky Doodles workshop.  I was thinking of stopping myself from attending yoga classes & carrying weights in the fear that I might accidentally injure my wrists.

Although it already sounds like a hobby to entertain more than a habit, more than ever, yesterday, I got scared of what my mind can do. I’m supposed to send an important document via e-mail & I kept thinking.  What if I miss sending this e-mail? Oh no.  I kept on repeating this to myself and what happened was:
1. I forgot to press send during the first time I attempted to send the e-mail.
2. I forgot to attach the important document during the second attempt.
3. I thought I was done and now, as I was writing about this, I checked again and I actually forgot to press send when I already attached the document! *Oh the horror!*

Maybe I should just recollect my energy & channel them into creating some colorful positive things instead of having all these morbid thoughts.

On a lighter note, here’s a peek at what we will be doing at the Inky Doodles Workshop on the 13th!:)

They always say that you’re supposed to let watercolors blend seamlessly and refrain from putting outlines. I really really tried to do that but at the end of the day, I always find myself putting outlines! *Auuuughhhh!* I also noticed that my workflow generally follows how I go about lay-outing digitally. I work first on the tiny elements before rearranging them on a canvas. *Doingk* I’ve tried resisting it and I’ve been wanting to go about it the proper way. In the end, I realized, there’s not much I can do but embrace this method hence, these Inky Doodles!

I’m excited to see what everyone will be creating this weekend!

P.S. Meanwhile, if you’ve been following us on Twitter, you might have seen this quote:

“Education is a gift that no one can take away.” – American Proverb

If there’s one thing that I really believe in, that’s education.  After interviewing, I’ve seen how it has given individuals the opportunities to maximize their full potential regardless of their economic background.  My favorite radio station is always giving those who are deserving, the chance to continue their education.  I love that as a venue to communicate messages, aside from creating opportunities for those in need of financial help, they’re also reminding students to value their studies.
Donate RX Monster Scholar
Hope you can take time to make someone’s dream come true.

Tipsy <3

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