I Should Be Working

The traffic in the Metro has really been crazy.  Last Friday, it took us 2 hours & thirty minutes to traverse 7 kilometers.  Whoaaaa!  A couple of days before that, I ended up spending two hours on what could have been a 40-minute travel. Wahh!  Every single time I’m stuck in that situation, I end up thinking, “I should be working right now!” which is probably the reason why I always have a laptop / art materials wherever I go.  I feel guilty when I have some downtime wasted. 😛

Then again, when I’m actually working, I always think, “Gahh! I should be resting right now!”

Do you feel the same way?

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Just finished this project! Woohoo! I mean, I would really love to celebrate this because it took me two months of drawing almost every single day, chopping my workday and making sure I’m efficient down to the hour so I can work on each page. 🙂
Can you guess what it is? 🙂

Coloring Book Googly GooeysFind out real soon! :)


Tipsy ♥

P.S. By the way, all the workshops for this year are already full but I’ll be entertaining requests for private workshops within Quezon City within November until December 5 for 4-6 people.  🙂 Groups who are interested may send an e-mail to ponggo(at)googlygooeys(dot)com.


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